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Keyham offer a choice of two different courses:

– Entry Level Certificate Maths;

– GCSE Maths.

It is likely that the majority of students will sit examinations in both courses, enabling them to achieve multiple qualifications.

Entry Level Certificate Maths

This course is primarily aimed at levels 1 – 3 of the National Curriculum. The Course consists on an introductory unit & then 20 more units, each containing topics at approximately the same level covering a variety of mathematical areas. These topics are revisited and extended throughout the topics. Topics will contain both calculator and non-calculator work. The course consists of a range of activities including challenges, worksheets, test yourself work, sums practices, games and investigations. Assessment is possible at various times of the year, so therefore students may achieve an Entry Level Certificate and then continue to GCSE.  Assessment consists of four teacher marked exams, one of which is an aural paper.  The questions more functional based than the GCSE style questions, and are generally less abstract.

GCSE Maths

This course is the best option for the more able students. The course covers the 4 key mathematical areas of Numbers, Algebra, Geometry and Data. External exams take place at the end of Year 11 and consist of two written papers, one in which a calculator is not allowed and a second in which it is.  Both exam papers may contain questions from the entire content of the course.  The papers are tiered, as Foundation or Higher, with students being examined at one tier or the other.  Foundation is aimed at those students who are most likely to achieve within the grade range of C to G, whilst the Higher tier is aimed at students who might achieve within the grade range of A* to C.

Here are the Maths long term plans:

Year 7 Maths

Year 8 Maths

Year 9 Maths

KS4 Maths

KS4 Maths Offer

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