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School Day

Keyham’s school day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 2.50pm. Assembly takes place on Monday and Friday morning.

Breakfast Time:

Breakfast is available free of charge to all the students from 8.30am till 8.50am. We offer cereal, toast, juice, variety of fresh fruit and occasionally hot breakfast cobs.

Period 1:

8.50am to 9.40am

Period 2:

9.40am to 10.20am

Period 3:

10.20am to 11.00am


Break takes place from 11.00am till 11.20am. There is a selection of fruit available to students, homemade soup, and toast. As a reward, hot drinks are also available to students that have shown good behaviour.

Period 4:

11.20am to 12.00pm

Period 5:

12.00pm to 12.40pm


Students have their lunch at 12.40pm till 1.20pm. Dishes are expertly prepared each day on the premises by our exceptional team of school kitchen staff. We aim to provide our students with delicious creative high quality meals, including an excellent choice of salads. Again, we reward students for good behaviour by giving them permission to queue up for lunch first, letting them decide what table they would like to sit at, and having a milkshake with their lunch.

The school kitchen staff have received the outstanding food hygiene award achieving 5 stars out of a possible 5 during the during the environmental health inspection.

Drop-off and Collection:

Most of our students travel to school using the local authority transport. Passenger Assistants are allocated to each of the buses and taxis. The Passenger Assistants drop off and collect the students from the school and travel with them. They’re there to ensure students sit down during traveling and there to encourage/promote good behaviour.

End of Day Review:

The end of day review takes place for 10 minutes from 2.40pm till 2.50am. This review gives staff the opportunity to discuss with students any concerns they may have, and offer them support and advice. It also prepares students for the following day’s activities.