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We teach 2 accredited courses in Science.

• OCR Entry Level Certificate

• OCR Science B GCSE also known as Gateway.

• Entry Level Science is begun in Year 8 and completed in Year 9 0r 10 depending on progress. It consists of short practical tasks, 36 short written tests….1 for each unit, and 2 written coursework tasks. These accumulate points towards the 3 levels…Level 3 is the highest and is equivalent to  Grade G GCSE.  The Levels are also called Bronze, Silver and Gold and OCR gives certificates for each Level attained.

GCSE: Year 10s will begin the Gateway GCSE Science B  J261 immediately in Autumn Term. The course covers the material shown on the next page. The GCSE is taught over 2 years.

Year 10:  Students study the first 3 modules each containing 8 units They will also complete at least 2 Controlled Assessments which  replaced the old coursework….all of this has to be completed under supervision at school. The controlled assessment is worth 25%.  Both will be submitted and the best one will be counted in the final Grade.

Year 11: Students study the second block of  3 modules each containing 8 units Due to the Governments changes from September  2012 all exams will have to be taken at the end of Year 11. As yet we don’t know what form these exams will take but there will probably be 2 exams both between 1 and 1 ½ hours long. If necessary students will also complete a 2nd Controlled Assessment .

Why study Gateway Science GCSE?

• All students have an entitlement to study science at KS4. It is a core subject.

• Gateway was chosen as it contains more practical work than other GCSEs.

• Most of the GCSE Science  course is relevant to everyday life, for example Health related units; generation of electricity, our dependence on Crude oil etc. and much is linked to environmental issues and our future. To live in the modern world it is important to have an idea how it works. Science GCSE is  an important part of general knowledge.

• Science GCSE is a useful qualification for many courses and jobs. It covers topics useful in many vocations such as plumbers, electricians, mechanics etc. ulator is not allowed and a second in which it is.

Here are the Science long term plans:

KS3 Science

KS4 Science

KS4 Science Offer

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