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Keyham Lodge & Millgate Schools ’ Federated Governing Body

The Federated Governing Body oversees the Governance of both Keyham Lodge and Millgate Schools.

Governors meet regularly through the following committees and at their termly Governors’ meetings:-

  • Finance & Staffing
  • Personal Development Behaviour & Wellbeing
  • Quality of Teaching & Learning

The Governing Body possess a broad range of skills and experience and has particular expertise in the areas of education and finance. It seeks to utilise these positively to provide challenge to both the Executive  Head Teacher and the Director of School in charge of both schools in order to ensure that the quality of education for all young people is of the highest standard and meets their specific needs. Parent Governors play a key role in the Governing Body and in particular ensure that there is always a sharp focus on the development & well-being of students and their families.

The Governing Body is made up of the following representatives:-

Mrs Pauline Bates (Chair of Governors)  

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor.
Role: Finance & Staffing Committee. Behaviour, Attitude & Personal Development Committee. Quality of Teaching & Learning Committee.
Interest: None.
Appointed date: 17/06/17 - 16/06/21
Attendance: 19/20 - 7/7

Mr Chris Bruce (Executive Headteacher)  

Governor Type: Executive Headteacher.
Role: Finance & Staffing Committee. Behaviour, Attitude & Personal Development Committee.
Interests: Management Committee Member – Leicester Partnership School.
Appointed date: 24/10/11
Attendance: 19/20 - 7/7

Mr Simon Whitaker (Chair of Finance Committee & Vice Chair of Governors) 

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor.
Role: Finance & Staffing Committee.
Interests: None.
Appointed date: 17/06/17 - 16/06/21
Attendance: 19/20 - 7/7

 Cllr Lynn Moore 

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor.
Role: Behaviour, Attitude & Personal Development Committee. Finance & Staffing Committee.
Interests: Managing director of Independent Child Psychology Services Ltd, a company which provides educational psychology services to local authorities, schools, parents and carers.
Appointed date: 05/10/16 - 04/10/20
Attendance: 19/20 - 6/7

Mr KIERAN CHAND (Vice Chair of Governors)

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor.
Role: Finance & Staffing Committee.
Interests: None.
Appointed date: 26/06/18 - 25/06/22
Attendance: 19/20 - 2/7

Mrs Maxine O'Rourke

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor.
Interests: Daughter works at Millgate School.
Appointed date: 18/12/19 - 17/12/23
Attendance: 19/20 - 2/4

MRS Karen Ardley

Governor Type: Staff Member at Millgate School. 
Role: Behaviour, Attitude & Personal Development Committee.
Interests: None.
Appointed date: 19/03/19 - 18/03/23
Attendance: 19/20 - 7/7