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Welcome to the Primary Department.

Curriculum Offer

We offer education for year 5 and 6 students. Our curriculum offer is broad and varied and includes:

 * Maths          * English writing         *Reading          * Science         *Spelling          *Topic         *R.E

Being part of a secondary school allows our primary students to access specialist subject specific teaching in P.E, D.T, ART and Computing.

Subjects such as History, Geography and PSHE are taught through a variety of topics. Topics are changed every half term and cover an array of areas including Kings and Queens, World War, The Human Body, Volcanoes and Gardens and Growing but to name a few.

We also have a fantastic individualised intervention programme to support children who find reading, writing, spelling and maths a little more difficult than others.

50 Things:

In Primary, we also offer students a 50 things Programme. This incorporates a variety of activities for pupils which they should undertake before the age of 11 3/4 and includes activities such as: rolling down a hill, building a sandcastle, flying a kite, making a grass trumpet and climbing inside a tree. We also undertake kayaking,canoeing and raft building sessions at the LOPC as part of the 50 things curriculum offer, These experiences are key in building relationships between both peers and staff in a fun but often challenging way, building up the students resilience.


At the end of year 6, most children will undertake their end of Key stage 2 SATs. We actively encourage children to work towards these throughout their time in Primary and feel that they act as a basis in which children learn to cope and prepare for formal qualifications in Secondary. Please find attached below a copy of out Assessment Without Levels Policy.

Our long term plan can also be found below as well as an example of our 50 things curriculum planning.


For further information, please feel free to contact Anne-Marie Leatherland at: