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Computing and Business

Course titles and how much it’s worth:

BTEC Level 2 Award in Information and Creative Technology – 1 GCSE Equivalent (A*-C)

For the BTEC ICT Courses available, you will work on units covering the Online Worlds and Technology Systems. These units will focus on how ICT is used to help users communicate. You will extend your knowledge of online services and investigate the technology and software that supports them. You will learn more about a range of services including email, online data storage, collaborative software, search engines and blogging. In addition to this, you will also learn about what ICT skills are valued by IT professionals in the business world and what characteristics are required to be an effective player in the ICT industry.

How will I be assessed?

75% of the course is coursework. You will create 2 separate portfolios
25% External Assessment - Exam

Why choose BTEC ICT?

Well ask yourself; where isn’t ICT being used? ICT is used practically everywhere and so whatever future job prospects you have; a good grounding in ICT skills will take you far! Not only will you learn about the core ICT programs which are used by the majority of businesses across the world, you will also learn about how ICT is used to communicate with people, and how ICT is used to find and share information. The units covered in the BTEC ICT courses offered will also assist you in your core subject areas including English and Maths in particular.

Where will it lead me to?

ICT is great FUN and will be useful for you in whichever future pathway you take!! Having an ICT qualification will always look good on your CV. Wherever you go, and whatever job you do in the future, you will always need good ICT skills.

The ICT Long Term Plans are linked below:

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