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School Uniform

Keyham Lodge has a recognised dress code as we believe it is important that students look smart whilst at school, have a sense of identity and a pride in their appearance.

Trousers, Chinos, Leggings & Skirts - Plain black or dark grey. No jeans or tracksuit bottoms. In hot weather, students may be able to wear tailored shorts.

Chino’s vs Jeans - Chinos are lightweight and are made from cotton. Jeans are considered more casual than chinos and made from denim a heavier material.

Shirts, Polo Shirts & Blouses – Plain white with a collar.

Year 11 Students - May wear shirts of any colour with a collar, these shirts cannot be patterned. These items of clothing should not include a logo which is bigger than the size of the palm of a hand.

Jumper or Sweatshirts – Black in colour. Logos can be worn as long as they do not exceed the size of the palm of a hand. Black button up and zipped cardigans can be worn with no hoods.