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The Arts programme of study and schemes of work in years 7, 8 and 9 designed and created to develop our students previously learnt basic skills and techniques from KS2 with the necessary knowledge and skills required to progress further into specific exam and coursework techniques and outlines to achieve success at GCSE. Units will be delivery quickly and monitored closely to begin planning for their GCSE Subject Specific Topics. The AQA assessment objectives have been firmly embedded into all aspects of planning for KS3; all assessment objectives are crucial for overall success. The Arts Department will be offering Art & Design Entry Level and Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills Btec to all year 9 students this academic year. Therefore all department staff are urged to note and adhere to time frames in order to deliver all course components successfully.  

DT Assessment Objectives:

  • AO1: Identify, investigate and outline design possibilities to address needs and wants.
  • AO2: Design and make prototypes that are fit for purpose.
  • AO3: Analyse and evaluate: design decisions and outcomes, including for prototypes made by themselves and others wider issues in design and technology.
  • AO4: Demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of: technical principles designing and making principles.