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Keyham offer a choice of two different courses:

– Functional Skills Maths

– GCSE Maths

It is likely that the majority of students will sit examinations in both courses, enabling them to achieve multiple qualifications.

GCSE Maths

Most students will sit their GCSE in Year 11 along with students who have already secured a pass at Functional Skills level 1. The course covers the key mathematical areas of Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Data and Probability. External exams take place at the end of Year 11, although early entry is possible if it is in al student's best interests.  Exams consist of three written papers, one non-calculator and two calculator-based exams.  All exam papers may contain questions from the entire course contents.  The papers are tiered, as Foundation or Higher, with students being examined at one tier or the other.  Foundation is aimed at those students who are most likely to achieve within the grade range of 1-5, whilst the Higher tier is aimed at students who might achieve within the grade range of 4-9

The Maths Long-Term Plans (LTP) are attached below:

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