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Performing Arts


BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 in Performing Arts, Acting Pathway

This course is assessed in three components that will look at different styles of drama, what is expected of an actor and director as well as rehearsing and performing to audiences. Where possible, students will also experience live theatre.  The first two components look at pre-existing works, but the final component allows students to devise their own performance from a stimulus. The components build up a student’s confidence and knowledge of skills needed to perform. These skills are then transferable to all other subjects if you are asked to present to others.

How can this help me in the future?

The skills and confidence student’s gain on this course will allow them to stand in others and talk confidently. This is a skill that most, if not all, employers want to see in their employees. The ability to present confidently and read others body language in different situations is a valuable skill. Students will understand the importance in giving constructive feedback and acting on feedback given to them. The ability to be resilient and think on your feet if something goes wrong will help students with their careers and day to day experiences.

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