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Other sources of Labour Market Information

Below are additional information sources for pupils to be able to access the the labour market.

LLEP Guide to the local labour market 

Futures (National Careers Service): Futures manage the LLEP area National Careers Service and produce a handy labour market newsletter for the East Midlands. To be added to the mailing list, email

BBC Bitesize: For all ages, explore careers linked to subjects, industry information, job hunting help, CVs and much more, with bite sized fun films, see

UKCES, Careers of the Future uses the latest occupational research, showcasing 40 top jobs in 10 key occupations that an analysis of the UK job market research suggests will be crucial over the next decade.  Useful to inform young people:

CASCAID, Kudos: Explore LMI through Kudos by CASCAID, providing dynamic LMI on over 750 careers including salary information, employment opportunities and local vacancies. See:

icould offer a range of videos linked to job roles, where labour market information is available under each clip, such as pay, gender split, direction of growth and so on. It also can link subjects to career opportunities and other teaching resources.

U-explore (and Start) offer a range of options to explore career choices, including the facility to develop a student record on career options and labour market linked information, and short video clips on careers. See more on:

Start (including Plotr), is a free website which helps 11-18 year olds to explore different careers options.  The platform includes labour market information linked to job roles.

RCU (a national research and consultancy organisation) have a dashboard that can be accessed to investigate different job roles and sectors, numbers employed, gender split and skill levels, go to: