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Prize Cabinet

The Prize Cabinet

The prize cabinet is an incentive based scheme that we have put in place to support our students in achieving higher attendance and improving their own behaviour for learning. It takes into account a students attendance percentage and gears that they earn during their lessons.

At the start of each half term we carry out surveys with our students to identify what types of prizes they would  like to see available in the prize cabinet. Students are aware that there is a budget so the prizes they choose are done so with this in mind.

Prizes are given out at the end of each half term.

To qualify for the prize cabinet, students must achieve the targets set below for the relevant shelf.

Top shelf - Gear 3.0+ & 95%+ Attendance

Middle to shelves - Gear 2.5+ & 95%+ Attendance

Bottom shelf - Gear 2.0+ & 95+ Attendance

All shelves - Most house points







If a student has any damages that remain unpaid then they will be unable to access the prize cabinet.