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V.I.P Club

Students will be made aware of their gear from the previous week during Monday morning tutor and the students who are on VIP club for the week will be celebrated. 

Level 1 (one week of Gear 3+)

  • Every break ot lunchtime the student will receive a snack (To include either a biscuit, breakfast bar or cereal bar) and a bottle of water or a carton of juice

Level 2 (two weeks of Gear 3+)

  • 1 day of non school uniform
  • Hot chocolate or Tea at break

Level 3 (three weeks of Gear 3+)

  • Positive postcard home
  • One week of non school uniform
  • Queue jump at lunch

Level 3 Plus (four weeks of Gear 3+)

  • Pick 1 thing from the list above
  • £5 for your tutor trip fund