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The intention of the curriculum at Keyham Lodge is to ensure all students develop a deep understanding of the scientific world in which they live. 

All students studying Science with us will be taught what they need to understand and improve an increasingly scientific world.  

Our bespoke Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to ensure all students can access Science in a way that is meaningful to them. With clear links to the world outside, and to future careers, students see Science not just as a subject but as a method to understand their world. 

At Easter, in year 9, students make their Science course options; these will depend on their interests, ability level and their future pathways. We offer a wide range of courses ensuring that students have the opportunity to study a course that is meaningful to them and their future careers. 

To support our extensive key stage 4 course offer, our department has a wealth of experience and knowledge through our dedicated staff. 

If you would like to know more about the Science department, the curriculum and courses we offer, or our assessment policy please see the links below or feel free to email the head of department with any specific query.

Head of Department: Carly Bell (