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Student Voice

Student council notes and actions

Below is an example of the outcomes a student Council meeting held at Keyham Lodge School

This week our student council was being refined and new members were appointed so there was an opportunity for a group of primary students to comment on their opinions of the educational provision at Keyham Lodge School.

Six students from years 5 and 6 joined the meeting with me and where exceptionally well-mannered and followed my requests for the full 40 minutes. They were brilliant.

Key points that were discussed

All enjoyed coming to school and believed that their learning had improved and that they could now do things that they previously not been able to, for example:-

  • Student A could now read and could not do so before, Student B enjoyed- and was successful in completing Maths and English tasks everyday where previously he would do nothing and did not enjoy work, Student C was completing column addition, was top of the class in maths and actually enjoyed writing and reading whereas he used to kick-off and refuse to do anything, Student D was a little more indifferent, although also felt that he learned lots in class, and he did state that he enjoyed it when work was more challenging because after completing it with support it became easier and he felt proud of what he had done.
  • Work could be a little more challenging and more opportunities for extension work could be provided, students mentioned that they had to ask for extra work and it was a little repetitive and just more difficult.
  • The majority of the group felt that the GEAR system worked and encouraged them to take responsibility for their own learning and to complete high standard quality work.
  • Work is marked regularly and a few students talked about the DIRT process and understood that it was a more detailed way for teachers and students to see what was needed to make even greater improvements.
  • The trips were not just reward-focussed, although they all liked them. There were opportunities for learning-based trips like Bosworth Battlefield and Beacon Hill and these helped them with their learning in class and they all felt that more trips should happen.
  • There was some confusion around exclusions and how messing around is dealt with when it was more challenging than the three warnings before detentions. Some students thought that you were sent home if you hurt someone so much that they went to hospital or that you would be excluded if you threw a chair. There seemed to be a lack of consistency around consequences for poor behaviour.
  • Half of the group had aspirations to be teachers and the others were keen to run businesses although all thought it was early days. However,  they unanimously agreed that the school would make sure that it was possible for them to do what they wanted to in the future. They fully believed that anything was possible.
  • Science could be improved by making it a little more practical-focused.
  • They would like to talk about having a class pet.
  • They would also like to have a room like the KS4 common room, just for high-achieving gear students.

This was a very positive outlook of their education at Keyham Lodge – the major impression I got was that they were learning at a huge rate. This was the first time they had been challenged to work and they really enjoyed it – they wanted more…..well done.

Christopher Bruce
Deputy Trust Leader

Keyham Lodge School