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The intent of the Complementary Curriculum is to meet the needs of our learners at by providing a purposeful and bespoke journey through KS4 to ensure a successful transition into their next phase of education.

We aim to create a positive culture and reduce barriers, by instilling in all Keyham students confidence and self-motivation leading to high aspirations delivered through a range of mediums.

With this students will be able to assertively decide on their career pathway with the knowledge of their experiences.

It is our job to ensure that every child grows and flourishes here at Keyham Lodge School.  One of our key areas for successful and positive transition at post 16 lies in our Complementary Curriculum strategy. This is for our students who are educated off site in various pathways allowing them to sample a different learning environments into post 16 preparation and transition.

Our rationale for offering a Complementary Curriculum at KS4 is due to the following:

  • Keyham Lodge might not have the pathway required by the student
  • To slowly transition to post 16
  • To sample a different learning environment.
  • Students are unsure about the meaning of some job roles and the task required
  • May have environmental factors affecting their progression
  • Students may struggle with the higher level of independence
  • Struggle to form new relationships

Students to receive a personalised programme designed to meet their needs using Keyham Lodge staffing and resources. Keyham Lodge Staff will commit to working with students and families.

  • The focus will be on a successful transition to Year 11 and further onto Post 16.
  • Colleges/provisions will have a clear understanding of what it means to support our students and the direction in which we want them to go.
  • Students will be able to access multiple courses throughout the year to ensure they are comfortable with their Post 16 choices.
  • A clear channel of communication between Keyham Lodge and businesses/colleges will be formed to ensure we can work together smoothly to get the best from our students.

Students to have a consistent key worker who will support them and their families. The complementary team will endeavour to support a student through ANY chosen pathway or option with desirable outcomes.

Our popular Complementary Curriculum subject areas are:

Construction, Mechanics and Hair and Beauty therapy. We can offer a diverse range with the right inclination from students.