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KS3 Art & Design

Our key stage 3 curriculum is built around experimenting and mastering skills/techniques that will prepare students for the GCSE qualification and broaden the experience of the subject for all students. It helps students to develop their creativity and celebrate diversity of culture in the world, in which we live. Students gain understanding of the stages of developing a design and become familiar with skills, techniques and processes that are used in the creative industry of the past and present. We encourage students to take risks whilst also teaching the importance of refinement.  Students maximise their learning experience by having access to a variety of wet and dry mediums, print making equipment and textile based machinery/equipment such as sewing machines and batik. Students are assessed in accordance to the AQA success criteria.

Year 7 – Pop Art

  • Fundamentals of line, colour, pattern and shape
  • Artist Research and transcription
  • Illustration
  • Screen Printing

Year 8 – Native Art

  • advanced wet and dry mediums
  • Stencil , block printing
  • Batik
  • Basic applique/reverse applique
  • Superimposing ideas
  • Soap carving

Year 9 – Asian Art-

  • Rangoli patterns (symmetry, reflection, geometric shapes)
  • Scaled Drawings (grid method)
  • Silk painting (gutta)
  • Pen and ink drawing (with mark making)
  • Henna painting
  • Embroidery