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Placement Timetable

The placement students are organised into four groups.

     GROUP 1 - Work Experience

  • These students are expected to complete a full week of work placements at a company. Students are responsible for managing their travel, budget, hours and should seek to be independent where possible.

    GROUP 2 - Personal and Social Development (PSD)

  • These students will be in small groups and will work through the key interpersonal skills required to become confident and work-ready. They will sample a variety of workplace environments, tours, informal interview processes, and work towards managing independently to open their thinking on viable career choices.

     GROUP 3 - Embedded Guidance for Post-16 and Future Careers

  • These students are currently at risk of future educational placements breaking down due to unrealistic expectations from the students or a lack of vision, strategy, and destination information. The focus is to look at all components for the next steps of their education and to collaborate together to map out  what, how, when, where, and why.

     GROUP 4 - Continuation of External Placement Alternative Providers

  • These students will continue on their external provision on their chosen pathway to continue to embed the importance of employment, but they will sample enterprise activities, and part of the PSD group activities. There should also be scope to allow students to think creatively about enterprise opportunities, employment opportunities and harness the importance of work ethics, and resilience, and the fruition it brings.