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A qualification in music is an excellent qualification to have for many career paths as it shows total commitment to a particular area of study or interest. Performers spend many hours on their own and in groups rehearsing to improve and so valuable skills are developed within the subject.

As performers, students will develop confidence, self-esteem and presentation skills and through devising and creating personal work, the ability to sensitively critique, deeply evaluate and act upon feedback to improve will be expanded, all of which are very useful for a number of vocations. Music also provides an excellent discussion point in interviews.

The Music Department benefits from a purpose-built technology suite that comprises a teaching space and a recording studio and a live room. Students gain access to learning practical instruments including the Keyboard, guitar, bass, recorder and drums. One-to-one practical lessons are offered to any students that show a desire to deepen their learning within the subject.

All Music students are exposed to national professional performances, broadening their outlook on life and offering experiences to become a well-rounded individual.

Edexcel GCSE Music:

This qualification is assessed through an exam and through coursework. This is an optional course, that looks at a wide range of musical styles. Areas of study include Instrumental music, Vocal music, Film and Theatre and World Music. 

During the course, students will also learn performance and composition skills that will be assessed through coursework elements. The ability to play an instrument or sing is essential. Students are strongly encouraged to have private tuition in their instrument throughout the course to support the performance element. A range of instrumental lessons are available through the department with a specialist instrumental teacher.

The three units studied are:

Unit 1: Performing Music (coursework)

Unit 2: Composing Music (coursework)

Unit 3: Listening and Appraising (exam)


The Edexcel BTEC Tech Award in Music consists of three units; two internally assessed units, and one that’s externally assessed: 

Exploring the Music Industry

The aim of this unit is to explore musical styles and techniques and gain an understanding of roles in the industry.  Students explore different styles and genres of music and take part in practical workshops to understand the music creation process. They learn about the different roles within the music industry.

Developing Music Skills

The aim of this unit is to develop musical knowledge, skills, and techniques and apply them to a music product. Students are required to: reflect on their progress, and on areas for improvement; choose a job role and explore the skills needed to fulfill it, develop a range of skills and apply these skills and techniques in a music performance, creation or production. 

Responding to a Music Brief

The aim of this brief is to put skills into practice by responding to a brief as a composer, performer or producer. Students are expected to: choose an area of the industry that excites them (composer, performer, or producer); explore the brief and come up with possible responses and ideas; use relevant resources, skills and techniques to develop and refine musical material; present their final response (solo or in a group) and finally review and reflect upon their approach to the brief and their final outcome. 

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